About us

Cybor-Tech has been successfully operating in the field of industrial and architectural lighting for over 25 years. The catalysts of our unmistakable reputation are maximal products, exemplary service and the highest standards of consulting. This enduring work ethic and management has had a direct effect on our company's partaking in many fulfilling and presigious projects.

Environmentally friendly and energy efficient lighting parameters along with interesting product design make our company's solutions applicable in various residental and industrial sectors. The illumination of street lighting, sport facilites, large industrial halls, business offices, cultural, residential and public buildings requires a personalized attention and managerial coordination in order to meet the stringiest of needs and requirements. Cybor-Tech has the necessary technical expertise and many years of successul experience to provide these vital services and appropriate lighting solutions.

About LEDon TIME

LEDon TIME brand was created by Cybor-Tech to meet new challenges by constantly developing new lighting technology. LEDon TIME products uses components from well-known and global brands such as: Philips, Mean Well, Inventronic, Sanan, Lumileds, Osram and Bridgelux.

In order to maintain the highest quality of standards, Cybor-Tech carries out periodical attestations of luminous flux distributions, contrasts of luminescence, color temperatures, color rendering index' and more. The uniquness of our products is the direct result of: passion, experience and innovation.

About Our Service

We offer state-of-the-art solutions to reduce electricity costs in both new and modernized facilites. The distinguishing feature of our company is always the high quality of products offered at attractive prices. All products have European standard certificates and are subject to continuous controls at the production stage. We also provide design, delivery and assembly services throughout Poland, and beyond. We have carried out many industrial projects, upgraded schools and offices, and supplied multiple municipalities with innovative LED lighting. In new investments, we implement an innovative design of lightnig and electrical plans, deliver and install all lighting infrastructure with continous technical support. Special attention is placed on aleready existing construction, where we focus to modernize the existing lighting products into environmentally friendly, energy-saving LED technology. We try to select the most economical solution that give the best savings to an investment ratio.

In lighting modernization projects, usage of existing infrastructure (including lighting frames) is of the out-most importance, when and if their classification and technical condition allows it. Our designers physically check any given framework, conduct a face to face interview, predetermine a set of technical expectations and prepare a detailed report based on all of their conclusions. After a comprehensive analysis, a frames, wattage, luminescence, CRI index, transitional color temperature plus other factors, in order to calculate the best return on your investment.